The four participants of the programme are selected via an open call which addressed to women practitioners and thinkers (including designers, artists, writers, curators, researchers, and academics) from the US and Turkey working across a range of fields such as scarcity, ecological crisis, waste systems, new materialities, ecofeminism, environmental resilience, circular economy, agricultural industry vs. local ecologies, local production, ecological conflict and policies.

The programme started in May 2021 and continued to evolve until November 2021. Selected researchers have participated the regular digital meetings and received consultation and supervision from a board consisting of three members (Deniz Ova, Director of the Istanbul Design Biennial; Pelin Tan, sociologist, art historian, and researcher; Dalida María Benfield, Director of Research Programs at Center for Arts, Design, and Social Research) throughout the research process. During the programme, Aslı Uludağ, one of the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial participants, gave a lecture about her biennial project, Mattering of a Productive Mythology.

The outcomes of the programme are digitally displayed at an online archive created by the Istanbul Design Biennial.