Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts has brought to life a programme titled Camekân in 2018, in order to create a public space for young designers whom are either university students or new graduates and transformed the six square meter display case located on the facade of the İKSV Alt Kat: Learning and Interaction Space into a design and production area during March 2019 – March 2020.

Now, the Istanbul Design Biennial initiates a new residency programme, which is an international and more inclusive rendition of the project Camekân (Display Window), created in 2018. The programme is supported by the EU's Common Cultural Heritage: Preservation and Dialogue between Turkey and the EU-II (CCH-II) grant and realised in partnership with the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG).

The programme offers a residency for emerging designers from Europe and cities across Turkey outside of Istanbul, as well as experts in the design field from both Europe and Turkey, who will share their knowledge with the participating designers/artists in order to foster cross disciplinary and trans-regional collaborations and exchanges.

Camekân aims to remove mental and physical boundaries, enhance intercultural dialogue between civil societies in Turkey and Europe, build strong connections, bring about permanent and meaningful changes in the design industry through cross-cultural interactions by establishing an international and sustainable network between emerging talents, key sector operators, players, and professionals. Setting the ground for co-creations in intercultural design, and widening the horizons of emerging designers while helping them shape their creative practice, the programme also seeks to achieve a positive impact on policy makers and current design education.

Emerging designers who seek hands-on connectedness and global networking so as to gain mobility and visibility at a turning point in their professional progression; looking for opportunities to gain experience in business development, as well as a safe space for exchanging know-how and initiating long-term partnerships; a unique opportunity to come together with experts from the creative sectors in order to gain creative experiences across disciplines.

Camekân will pave the way for intercultural exchange and dialogue by bringing the participants together in Istanbul, a city that offers diverse, fruitful and dynamic ground for artistic production, nourished by both tradition and innovation.